“I’ve heard people say, “It’s just me, so I don’t cook”.. Are Ya Nutz??   Cooking for One is Fantastic!! – and no one IS more worth it than YOU!  Most homecooked meals are 10-15 minutes to make.  If it’s longer.. open the bottle of Wine!  :)” — Nunya


Collard Greens – Healthy Food!! (don’t look at the bacon grease).. LOW Calorie, High in Fiber, and Vitamins C, A, B1, B2, B6, E and K. High in Iron, Calcium, copper, manganese, selenium and zinc.  Fights cancer, benefits Alzheimer patients, and promotes bone density.  Not only that – but it tastes Great!! The peppers are high in capsicum which helps with inflammation ALL kinds of arthritis and other crap that gives you muscular pain.  Cooking instructions below:

Here ya go: I grabbed 3 BIG bundles of collard greens, used 2 or so Tblsp of bacon grease, along with a small smoked ham hock – and added 2 cups of chicken broth. It is key to wash the greens thoroughly to get all the garden grit off them, and I tore off the stems – chopped the big leaves up a bit – and put the pot on boil – then simmer. They do NOT take long to cook (20 min?), they wilt down like spinach pretty quick. Pull out the ham hock to cool enough to chop, and add back to the pot. Salt to your preference, and don’t forget the small yellow peppers in vinegar! Fabulous! –Nunya